Clinical Research Training

We have developed a unique job oriented training program that gives you the required knowledge and the skills to step into the clinical research field. Different training courses are available based on individual needs. These courses have been carefully designed to help you understand the clinical research is all about. You can apply the knowledge and skills gained here to get your most aspired job in the industry.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research is the engine that drives advances in the pharmaceutical treatment of disease. Almost 20 years into the 21st century advances in science and medicine have created new opportunities for developing better disease treatments and bringing them to market. However, the task of bringing a drug to market is complex and can be only completed through the collaboration of highly trained professional teams. A direct consequence of this requirement is the possibility for careers in a wide variety of disciplines.

Why Proper Training is Essential in Clinical Research Career?

The drug development industry consists of a wide spectrum of companies that hire people with diverse backgrounds to meet the requirements of drug development. Regardless of nature of any role, proper training is the first step towards a successful and rewarding career in clinical research. An important factor is that since pharmaceutical research involves human subjects, it is highly regulated. This is critical factor that affects every individual working in clinical research. This means that effective training must include both the specific requirements of a job and the regulatory requirements that define the constraints of doing job.

Courses Offered

Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA)
/In-House CRA

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Data Management


Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

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